Massaging with Loving Hands

Nothing is better than a massage to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. The movements of the massage therapist loosen up the stressed muscles, thereby alleviating pain if any. It is a blissful experience.

massgae glasgow_relax glasgow

However, there are a variety of massage, Glasgow; each with different characteristics. While one may focus on alleviating pain by pressing pressure points, the other may provide full body relaxation.

One of the popular massages that date back to a hundred years is the Lomi Lomi massage.

It’s Different!

It originated in Hawaii, but is now popular across the globe; thanks to its countless benefits.

Lomi Lomi means loving hands. In fact, massage therapists use their loving hands for pain alleviation, mental and physical relaxation. It is characterized by lengthy movements, which flow along the entire body from the shoulders to the feet. The therapists’ forearms are at play.

Palms are used mostly for the hips or shoulders and other body parts for specific issues. The focus is on improving blood circulation by eliminating the blockages in the blood vessels. For; blockages in the body are known to restrict the blood and energy flow in the body. Although the primary technique remains the same, therapists often tweak the movements in tune with the client’s requirements.

lomi lomi massage_relax glasgow

Lomi Lomi massage is different as it focuses not only on physical relaxation, but also mental relaxation. The massage begins with a prayer. Soft spiritual music and chants play in the background, while the therapist works on the body. He or she asks the client to take long deep breaths. Breathing plays an important role in complete relaxation and not only de-stressing the muscles. Lomi Lomi massage therefore, offers complete physical and mental relaxation.

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